John E. Randall, PhD


Jack is world-renowned as one of the greatest ichthyologists of all time. He has described more new species of fishes (over 500) than any living person, and more valid species of coral-reef fishes than anyone else in history. After earning his PhD from the University of Hawai`i in 1955, his career took him through various posts and many travels to remote locations. In 1997 he "retired" from his position of more than 30 years at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, only to come back out of retirement once again as the Museum's Senior Ichthyologist in 2004. Authoring over 800 scientific and popular articles and books (Including the recently-published Shorefishes of the Hawaiian Islands), Jack has continued his extraordinarily productive pace of scientific research and discovery, including travelling and diving, into his 80's, and even made a dive celebrating his 90th birthday.