Ken Longenecker, PhD


Longenecker Head Shot
Longenecker laser videogrammetry
Longenecker canoe
Longenecker teardown
Longenecker predive Kamiali Guesthaus
Longenecker predive Kamiali
Longenecker Nan Madol
Longenecker predive Maui
Longenecker and Ham
Longenecker spearfishing
Longenecker and Anio
Longenecker Kavieng presentation
Longenecker kambang weight
Longenecker jungle histology
Longenecker fecundity count
Longenecker Deco
Longenecker Compressor
Ken’s research focuses on the conservation and sustainable use of marine animals.  His primary focus is on coral reef fishes, which are the main source of dietary protein for residents of many Pacific island nations.  He has also worked on corals, small crustaceans, and marine mammals.  His goal is to generate information that coastal residents can use to manage their marine resources, thereby meeting their current needs (e.g., food, income) and maintaining the potential for those resources to meet the needs of future generations.  Ken earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of South Florida, and his Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii.  He is an Associate Researcher at Bishop Museum and affiliate faculty at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology.  He has published more than 45 scientific and technical articles.