Raymond C. Boland, MS


Ray’s deepest depth attained is 3,175 feet, but that was in the Pisces IV submersible. He has a BS in Biology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He learned to SCUBA dive in May of 1990 and by July of 1990 he was on a National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) research cruise diving in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI). NMFS hired him as a Research Associate in 1996 and promoted him to Research Biologist in 2001. He is also the Unit Dive Supervisor for NMFS in Hawaii. He has been on 27 research expeditions with destinations in the NWHI, the Main Hawaiian Islands, Pacific Equatorial islands, Palmyra and Guam. He is an IANTD instructor for open circuit trimix and the Inspiration Rebreather. He is also certified as a hyperbaric chamber operator through IBUM and NOAA small boats instructor. His underwater interests are diverse and range from studying the impact of marine debris on reefs, to observing the fish assemblages of black coral, to researching the history of a PB4Y-1 bomber wreck off of Maui, Hawaii. He is a published underwater photographer and was second cameraman for a National Geographic expedition. He is an author on three and coauthor on four articles in peer reviewed journals. However his greatest love is his wife Jacqueline who happily went on a 17 day liveaboard cruise in Papua New Guinea and Australia for their honeymoon. They live in Kaneohe, Hawaii with their one dog and two cats.