We are extremely grateful to our many sponsors, who have been instrumental in allowing the Association for Marine Exploration to continue its mission to explore underwater environments, through generous contributions of funds, expedition support, equipment, supplies, time, and other resources. Without these sponsors, we would not exist.

AME Team
AME TeamTime and Resources
General Electric
General ElectricFinancial Contribution
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationExpedition Support
Gates Underwater
Gates UnderwaterEquipment
Rubicon Express
Rubicon ExpressExpedition Support
Poseidon Diving Systems
Poseidon Diving SystemsEquipment
Teledyne Instruments
Teledyne InstrumentsEquipment
Dive Rite
Dive RiteEquipment
United States Deep Caving Team
United States Deep Caving TeamEquipment
Atlantis Submarines
Atlantis SubmarinesSupplies
Schmidt Ocean Institute
Schmidt Ocean InstituteFinancial Contribution
Ocean First Education
Ocean First EducationFinancial Contribution
The Systematics Association
The Systematics AssociationFinancial Contribution