Dive Locker 

The Schmidt Ocean Institute funded a renovation to the Dive Locker used to maintain and organize equipment used on AME dive projects.

During December 2009 and January 2010, AME Director Richard Pyle took several weeks off from work (combined with Holidays) and completely renovated his dive locker and storage facility. The project converted the existing open-air car port with poorly designed storage cabinets into an enclosed garage/workshop, with the following features:

  • A workbench and associated tool storage cabinets
  • A secondary collapsible workbench for camera and rebreather work
  • Storage cabinets for dive gear and collecting gear
  • A rinse tank to soak rebreathers and camera gear after diving
  • A gas filling station with associated plumbing
  • Proper lighting and electrical supplies
  • A complete set of tools, including micro soldering iron for fine electronics work
  • A locking garage door and side doors for increased security
  • External motion-activated security lights
  • Extensive additional dry storage areas

Pyle planned and designed the entire renovation project himself (including all electrical work, in accordance with Hawaii State Codes), and did all of the labor and construction himself (except for the installation of the garage door). This allowed me full control over how the facility was designed and built, and allowed him to make modifications to the design as he continued with the project. The construction of this dive locker has been a tremendous success for maintaining and organizing gear used on AME Projects, and for developing new AME Engineering Projects.

All materials costs for this project were provided through a Research Fellowship from the Schmidt Ocean Institute.